U.S. Marketing Services serves a variety of clients representing the following types of organizations:


• Grower–shippers

• Trade Associations

• Brokers

• Wholesalers

• Media

• Packaging Materials Suppliers

• Retailers

• Commodity Boards 
• Importers

• Consumer Packaged Goods

• Advertising Agencies

U.S. Marketing Services has over
60 experienced retail field auditors who have performed a variety of challenging, interesting, and complex assignments covering a multitude of retail customers and trade classes across many geographical  areas in
the U.S. and Canada.


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About Us


Michael Gretz, President of U.S. Marketing Services has owned
the company for 19 years. Prior to his ownership, he served in a number of key sales and marketing positions with Procter & Gamble, Nabisco Brands, and Hershey Foods. Additionally, Mike served as President/CEO of the Produce for Better Health Foundation (5 A Day Program) in 1995-96. Since 1997, Mike has operated U.S. Marketing Services serving a variety of large, medium, and small sized consumer packaged goods and produce organizations. The company is located in Tucson, Arizona with a data center headquartered in Carson City, Nevada. The company’s unique capability of utilizing in-market (local) trained retail auditors allows U.S. Marketing Services to provide information and data to its customers quickly, accurately, and economically.