What information and data says
about us? Answers! Opportunities! Growth! The world we have made is one that can be measured and evaluated. Over our 35 year history, U.S. Marketing Services has served a large variety of clients with quantitative and qualitative surveys to answer important marketing problems.


A Duda & Sons

Ag-Mart Produce

All Seasons Mushrooms

Andrew & Williamson

Apio, Inc.

BC Hot House Foods, Inc.

Bolthouse Farms

Brazilian Fruit Export Assoc.
California Avocado Commission

Calavo Growers

California Pear Advisory Board

California Table Grapes

California Tomato Commission

California Tree Fruit

Caliman International

Central California Lettuce Coop

CH Robinson

Chelan Fresh

Chilean Avocado Imp. Assoc.

Chilean Fresh Fruit Assoc.

Crown Global Corp.

Custom Pak, Inc.

David Oppenheimer Group

Deco Frut

Del Campo Supreme, Inc.

DNE World Fruit Sales

Dole – Sunny Ridge

Driscoll’s Strawberry Assoc.


Flex Star Packaging

Florida Corn

Florida Tomato Commitee

Fresh Express

Fresh Produce Assoc.of America

Fresh Results

Fusion Marketing


Green Giant

Greenhouse Produce Co.

Grimmway Farms

Growers Express

Haas Avocado Board

HLB Specialties

Hollandia Produce


Hurst’s Berry Farm

Jem.D International

Lewis & Neale


Maddan and Company

Market Fresh


Mexican Avocados

Mission Produce

Monterey Mushrooms

Mushroom Council

Mucci International


Nielsen Perishables Group

North Bay Produce

Onions, ETC.

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

The Packer

Paramount Farms

Potandon Produce

Produce Business Magazine

River Ranch

Produce for Better Health

Produce Marketing Association

Produce Retailing Magazine

Ready Pac

Sakata Seed America, Inc.


Service Packing

SunRipe Produce

Tanimura & Antle

Trade Marketing

United Fruit & Vegetable Assoc.

Western Growers Assoc.

Wholesale Produce, Inc.

Wholesum Family Organics

Washington Apple Commission

Windset Farms

Wm. Bolthouse