Consumer Testing Services


In-Store Testing—measures product’s appeal and sales in real retail environment.


Concept/Product Test – provides quantitative measurements of the idea (concept) and the value (consumer judgment) of the product.


New Product Development Test – goes beyond focus groups to provide accurate measurement of new ideas (brands, flavors, varieties). The above tests represent relatively small marketing expenditures which will greatly assist marketers in making important decisions on a go/no-go introduction, market support, product positioning, and key variables.

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Consumer Testing

The challenges and opportunities for today’s marketers continue to grow geometrically across trade channels, cities, and classes of trade.  Businesses, both domestic and foreign are now sourcing products globally with a year-round focus. These factors have contributed to a proliferation of items in all categories and made competition even more intense. Today’s consumers are better educated and bombarded with information—new challenges for marketers. The opportunity lies in taking advantage of this unprecedented stream of information generated by customers and consumers.


Through category analysis we can identify usage patterns (heavy vs. light), competitive interaction, price sensitivity, shopping patterns, and brand loyalties—all necessary to understand consumers as


targets  → segments → individuals


Marketing success will come by connecting a universe of transactional, social service, marketplace, and search data to build levels of customer visibility and understanding.


The second decade of the 21st century requires that marketers align their company’s (brands’) values and beliefs with the brand’s promises.  Success here results in building a long-term relationship with customers.