Examples of Retail Auditing Services


Retail Surveys—Prices, Promotions, Competition


Promotional Support Measurement—Signage , P.O.P.


Space Diagrams—Location,
Size, Sell Rate Comparisons


New Product Introduction Support—Placement, Sell Rate, Distribution


Store Personnel Surveys—

Store Managers, Produce Managers, Clerks


In-store Consumer Surveys—

Opinions, Taste Test, Purchase Intent


Product Quality—Measurements on Size, Color, Freshness, etc.


Merchandising—Store Delivery, Set-up, Checking, Follow-up


FASTRAX Audits—Provides Detailed Complete Category Information—Market List


Fresh Flash Audits—Provides customers with fast, timely, accurate retail reporting to assist in future pricing decisions.


Phototrax Audits—Provides visual support at retail level to allow better understanding of store results.

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Retail Audits

In the past 19 years, U.S. Marketing Services has performed detailed retail audits in 50 U.S. and 4 Canadian markets. . .visiting supermarkets, drug chains, club stores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, specialty stores, and dollar stores. We have provided over 100 clients with detailed category management support with retail information that included pricing, retail promotion support, p.o.p. usage, competition, space, location, etc. Additionally, we have performed innovative and customized audits to include retail photos of product and store conditions, detailed space measurement, and quality measurements through both observation and purchase.


Because our retail field auditors perform an important research function via their data gathering, observations, and interviews, the information collected represents current market information which is gathered in a fast and economical way. Importantly, the retail field auditors are not aware of the clients they are working for and can provide objective  information to help understand and solve difficult marketing problems for our clients.


Importantly, all retail audits are customized according to our clients’ needs and no one else sees this information. Clients can also use out network of field auditors to deliver important p.o.p materials, check on retailer performance, or measure a product’s quality or code date.


See a sample of a retail report.